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Great and awesome wiki page! All the information you need is here !
R1 Spaaammm
Am I the only one that feels like almost everyone that plays this game is a try hard?
yes, you're the only one. ive seen plenty of noobs and casuals play and enjoy the Souls games. there's no games that are "built for tryhards"; literally every game can be played by casuals
For the most part this game is try hard, but at certain parts and/or if your good enough at it, it becomes casual
Is there a way to get Carthus Flame Arc and Frozen Weapon on dual wield? (like one on left handed weapon and one on right)
No since buffs only work on your right hand but using duel weapons that can be buffed works
^ what he said. The closet thing you could get to that would be using a demon scar and then said weapon with frozen weapon
Hello, unintentionally I sold a pact ring, can you recover it? Making the items again?



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If you sold or discarded covenant items you will not be able to get them back.
NG+ maybe?
Imagine if soul of cinder had a third phase, and it was pinwheel! This time, pinwheel summons all the bosses from the previous souls games, to show the long road the flame has traveled. After the illusion bosses are destroyed, pinwheel takes off the cloak and reveals solaire has become a god, and you can chose to join with him in the sun, or try to fight him, and end all possible forms of light. After you make your decision, regardless, you will obtain a: Choas Zweihander + 10, Giant Set, Mask of the Father, Grass Crest Shield, Pyromancy Flame, 2 Black Flames, Havel's Ring, and FAP Ring. LEGENDS NEVER DIE!
EDIT: You will also obtain the "Well, what is it?" gesture.
Great to see that the Community is still around.
You mean the 6 people still playing the game?
If you check community hub on steam, it says about 11k people play it at same time
The other 10k people playing this game are the phantoms little timmy calls up because he can't fight by himself.
It's sad but this game has just become terrible over the last couple of years. The only people that are left are either people who just got the game or turbo-tryhards. Pvp used to be fun and casual but now theres only tryhards left who fish for backstabs and abuse all the games glitches. I remember the good old 2016 days where no one was tryhard, but now I can't even enjoy the game.
It's even more sad that someone who has enjoyed the game can only see the negative side of only one aspect of the game. I have fervently enjoyed this game for years - and continue to do so - simply because I have adapted and overcome. Yes, the PvP is still littered with these so-called Try-Hards and apparent Glitch-Abusers, just as it were years ago on release... I hope you can eventually Rekindle your previous enjoyment of this game or perhaps another soon, friend. This game series has endured the Love/Hate relationships it tends to spark with the players, so I will continue my Jolly Cooperation and lift my arms to the sky and Praise The Sun! \o/
Never let this game die
It's already dead...
It will never die. This is a game that will always have at least 1 person playing it.
Bruh this game is epic in all ways! (Remembers aldrich moonlight arrow rng)
Remember guys, full lapp gear and glaive. Winning > Losing. However, if you're like me, a lover of Blighttown and Shrine of Amana, you can always torture yourself with the build literally nobody has ever made.