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ps4 and username is OONinJaFiShOO They are capital O's
I'm currently helping people kill Soul of Cinder so if anyone needs help my signs down and ready. I'm currently on a 3-0 win streak with helping people beat him.
3-1, I was real laggy when summoned and got force kicked
yo playing on pc steam name S&P 500. curremtly at undead settlement. anybody need help
I don't even stay low level for pvp anymore, cause all these fools twink, and invade new players it's korny
really? i've never had that maybe im just lucky


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Total newb question here....What exactly do I need to do in order to summon help when I get stuck on a boss? So far the only summons I have been able to find are what I believe are just NPCs like the two that help against Pontiff S. How do I summon a real player?


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To summon a friend to help you, first you need a friend in the summon range that you can calculate above, or a friend on any soul level and a matching password (to set one up, go to System > Matchmaking > Password and make sure the passwords are exactly the same) and make sure you used an Ember (check your health bar and your character, an embered one will have trails of kindling going across the symbol next to your bars and the character will give off a kindling effect too), then tell your friend to place down a summon sign somewhere around. If you aren't doing the boss with a friend, random people are not always available for help or are out of your summon range.
tell me boss and i be there
What about ring+2 or +3? Does it count as a weapons that go up to +5?