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Anybody know a low requirement no scailing weapon for a lvl 1 run im doing? ( no broken straight sword since this is my first time )
If you skip the tutorial location you could go for the Bluemoon Greatsword from Benhart.It only needs 10 Dex and wielding it in both hands should be 14 Strength and it does decent damage.
The mace you can buy from leningrast is super good for lvl 1 cause you can get it so early and it does good damage



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use a broken straight sword
Broadsword, mace, or rapier (with Dexterity ring) are all great.
Smelter Hammer


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Why are all the icons for the weapon categories Dark Souls 3 icons?
The twinblades one isn't :/
just looks better
Greatsword when using two hands sometimes slash no hit on the enemy when they move round to the left or right. Is this a bug?
nope, with greatswords u have to aim the hits
i have full moon sickle if you still want one
Just a side note. If you mod saves, try infusing chimes and staves with poison in the save editor. It takes effect in game. Not only does it add poison damage it greatly boosts the entire stats and scaling. Bleed is equivalent to it. All others improves stats a little bit
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Dark Souls 2
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