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How do you parry the cross slash? Because is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to tap the button twice at that speed
No it's not. Don't spam, just tap twice. I had the same thought yesterday, but it works.
It’s only impossible because you’re spamming Deflect. The game detects it and cancels your deflects. Just double-tap it when you see the flash and you’ll be fine.
just spam the loaded umbrella when he does his one shot move and his posture goes up at stupid high rates.
you can eavesdrop him
Another way to cheese him. De-aggro and stealth attack him, then step back and unload with phantom kunai. With the tanto you can take his health to zero without getting near him. Then just move in for the kill.
All you need for this fight. -Projected force -Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella Just hold your block with the umbrella. Counterattack 5 or 6 hits. Repeat.
Wow I'm seeing a lot of Umbrella+Projected Force and some Flame Barrel+Living Force "cheese" strats here. The Mist Raven is really underrated, the best prosthetic tool against the non-red eyed version since you don't have to block, just use it then r1 spam. This time on the red eyed version just use the Great Feather Mist Raven to dodge his attacks and appear behind him while leaving behind an explosion of fire to stun him. Same outcome as the other strategies people post here but less effort and easier to pull off.
Need to learn how to use Great Feather Mist Raven on NG+.
You need to do R2 + LS at the instant you see the glint?
Get the first deathblow by aggroing and running away. Then just poison this ****** with the subimaru and run away. I was able to poison and get a few hits in and then run away. That alone took about 60% of his health.
Alternatively it's quite entertaining to lure him back to the area where the shinobi and ashina troops are fighting, just enjoy the show and let the purple bros wreck his *** and jump in to steal the deathblow.
All I did was parry his quickdraw until his posture breaks..
Yeah, honestly kind of sad seeing five different kinds of cheese strategy for this guy. He’s one of the most predictable and easily deflectable enemies in the game and his posture goes up like crazy from it...
Not without Kuro charm and demon bell...
The fact that some people ran away just to come back to backstab him really made me laugh. There are plenty of more conventional ways to trivialize the fight but they went that extra mile just to humiliate him. Poor guy.