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there are not 3 soul of great heroes in the sotfs
I’m playing sotfs, and ran through the level upon entering it, didn’t touch a single egg, nor kill a dragon, and he still broke the bridge. I took the zip line to the bridge, so idk if it’s egg or time related. I think it depends on how long you’re on the bridge.
Same thing just happened to me buddy...
Why im never buying sotfs
I found that the best way to deal with the dragons in this area was by gitting gud


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That literally is the way. I guess the people that downvoted found another way? Without getting gud?
No mention of the Dark Priestess or petrified dragon bone by the lead up to the ledge overlooking the second dragon?
Annoyed by the hollows that break all of your equipment? Take off all rings and armor, they won't destroy your weapons or shields. This area is trivially easy after I realized that I didn't have to spend 20,000 souls every time I died to those stupid gang bangers.
Just git gud
So if you destroy 10 eggs it's basically game over since u can't progress further to get the mist heart?
rest at the bonfire...
Take the zip line at the beginning, cross the bridge to reach the shrine bonfire. Then return to the area and smash as many eggs as you want
What is it? Dragons?
We should get out of here-> continue the line if you get the refrence
Yes please I don't want to fight anymore dragons
Let's go
Do you think it's gonna follow us?
I like how in sotfs they put an ascetic right there because they know exactly what you're up to