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I am not able to one hand this sword either. Seems the class 5's all have this. Hopefully there will be a future where we can do so (for the torch).
Also, buddy, seriously ? You wanna one-hand this ? How about getting yourseld a TINY rest of realism ? In REALITY you cannot even one-hand a CLAYMORE no matter how strong you are. It is a matter of of weapon balance - to make such a long blade swingable with one hand you´d needed a MASSIVE weight on the pommel, making the weapon extremely slow and wonky, rendering you totally defenseless. You could just perform harakiri instead, comes down to the same. And did you ever hold a Claymore or Zweihänder ? I did, so believe me, a sword like this you couldn´t even LIFT. With both hands. I know our heroes get super-human strenght. But still, there are limits. Whenever I see this idiotic "powerstancing" in Dark Souls, a guy swinging two giant metal-surfboards at once, making even a certain famous Final Fantasy character, and Guts
For the torch you can replace it with a class 2 magic spell called light
as well, blush in jealousy I just think "What *****ing bull*****. This guy would TRIP OVER swinging those, even if he was strong enough!" Sorry, but each of those blades weigh more than him ! Sorry to ruin your day with boring things like physics or logic, but this is not possible. No matter how strong you are.


Also, I tend to kill that guy with my single, twohanded longsword.
Quod erat demonstrandum.
For ChickenMan759, I raise you the bonecrusher.


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lol good luck wielding a behemoth of a sword such as this one with one hand!
There is a light charm AND a ring available. For the few times you need a torch for red/blue barriers, just switch loadouts and that's it!
The person who claimed to have held a Claymore or Zweihänder before is so insulting I had to reply to a 4 year old post. You can very much wield a Claymore (C) or Zweihänder (Z) in one hand, it would simply be difficult to get a proper edge alignment. The (Z) for example weighs around 2 kg (4.4 lb), versions of them that weighted above 4 kg (8.8 lb) were for ceremonial uses. (C) were around 2.2–2.8 kg (4.9–6.2 lb), ironically heavier then the (Z) was. If you couldn't lift either of these one handed then I pity you.
The attack speed and wind up is too slow. It made NG+ a struggle for me since I play no armor/no blocking. Kept getting combo'd and stunlocked.
Well of course, you weren't supposed to pair a slow weapon with no armor, DUH. You get a ton of armor so you can trade and shrug off attacks.
Thats why you dont review weapons with a challenge run
There still a red line on my blade of envy and I don't know why? I have the req, 40str and 40sta, is there something else I need?
I'm mean 40dex
If it is like souls you're going to need 60 not 40, 40 is 1 hand, you need 50% more to power stance it so 60.
The weapon doesn't have a requirement of 40str 40dex, that isn't how this game works. This is a class 5 greatsword, which means you need the Class 5 level swordfighter perk to two hand it. You cannot one hand this weapon, no matter what.
It's just like that, my strength is at 111 and my dexterity is at 110 and it still has a red line through it
A red cross mean you cant use it at all.
A single red line means you can't one hand it.

You would need Swords Rank 6 to use a Rank 5 Greatsword with only one hand.
This means you will alwasy have a single red line since Swords Rank 5 is the last one.
do if you only match the class of the sword it can only be two-handed, it means it can't be one-handed
I have it at class five great sword and 2 handed but there still a red line why?
That is obviously a reference to Guts's Dragon Slayer, especially the part where it's "barely recognizable as a sword"


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not sure about it being an obvious reference but fans of Berserk can always dream of a sword like Guts' in any RPG
Who Doesn't wanna weild Gut's Sword(if you can that is) the only close sword for my Dragon Slayer I have for now is the Chitin Obelisk
Idk I mean it is barley recognizable as a sword may not be a reference at all but the what I stated about it is true


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anyone know what materials are needed to upgrade this?
Drowned resources; idol, lockets, time, etc.
The one red line on any weapon means its a 2-H only weapon meaning if you only use 1-H its going to be very slow and/or won't do alot of damage like it is suppose to


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I'm pretty sure this weapon is only here to make the player feel like a badass holding the weapon of a "god". The slowness is a given considering its size, and is clearly impracticle given its size
Nope, buddy.
Stats do NOT affect swing speed.


You can attach a charm with +speed. That it is.

Absolutely nothing changes swing speed (for the better).
You can just have the speed nerfed when you one-hand a weapon that you have to two-hand.

The stats influence DAMGE. Nothing else.
Hope I could clarify this.
Idk I haven't had a chance to wield it but I'm sure with enought stats for that realate to the sword it can be swung it a good speed
But idk
LOL, you can't even 1H this weapon! it is a Class V
only compareable weapon to this in terms of single hit dmg is trinity scepter. slow attackspeed makes it harder to play than other weapons but i was doing ng+7 easily on about lvl 190. dps wise trinity greatsword or scharfrichter are better. no real differences in between these two worth naming them, so its about which look u like better.


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Scharfrichter does more dmg than trinity at high strength levels, its maginal but when you add in the fact that it can also be 1 handed so you can also use a shield it makes it the superior weapon no contest.
He ment trinity scepter not trinity sword
From my experience, the slow hitter property only gives you the ability to charge up your attacks longer than fast hitters or normal weapons (at the cost of attack speed). You don't get any bonus damage (25% bonus regardless of speed) but it can be used strategically, wake-up attacks after a riposte for example.
You morons not realize how weapon handling works? You crazily wasted stat points. Never ever go above 50 raw in a category. You can never and will never be able to hold this with one hand. Period. Rank5 is the max rank in this game and you need one rank higher than the sword class to be able to hold a shield as well. Stat points have nothing to do with wielding only damage.
*****!!!so your telling me I just wasted grey pearls and purple pearls(?) and downgraded some stats just to try and wield this *****er in one hand?
Yep, better learn some basics before apply your abysmal knowledge of dark souls' mechanics to different game, kids.