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it seems someone got a splitleaf greatsword to their fractured but whole
Salty much?
You know, only kids throw a temper tantrum. If you can’t handle this game’s difficulty, then it leave to us adults to have fun with these games.
Does anyone else read the comments of all the controversial weapons just to laugh at all the people raging over them?
Yes yes we do
Why do you think we read this
Why does the raw do so much damage? Usually it's only like a 80 damage increase.
It might do alot, but that's all the damage its gonna do
Gives ramsay conniptions
Because of two things 1. Pretty big requirements. People definitely do run dark on this thing but then they seldom have the liberty to run other weapons. 2. Massive scaling on most infusions. It just has big damage on all infusions.
This is not a greatsword, nor a halberd or a glaive. This is a Guandao.
just like gundyrs Bardíche
Ok weeb
It more resembles a Chinese Guandao than a Japanese “nagitana”, as this page calls it.
surprisingly efficient with a poison infusion with its 4 hit true combo. 95 poison at 99 luck, for you max brackets out there. One combo, and then finish the proc with a storyteller and on average you will have 18-24 damage per tick in max bracket which is nothing to sneeze at.
Called a Greatsword, is in the halberd class, noted to actually be a nagitana, looks like a glaive, is none of those.



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Helicopter man spins in again!
on a quality build is better infused this weapon with heavy, more AR
"Nagitana" lmao
I think they meant to say Naginata but to me the weapon looks more like a Guandao
Thats probably because the weapon wielded by Whitebeard in One Piece looks very similar to this, and its called a naginata despite its massive blade.