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I have to find a zone to invade where I don’t get gangbanged by 3-4 phantoms
If you find such a place tell me too
High wall
Not Anor Londo
I like gangbangs :3
Spears of the church covenant. If you get ganked by phantoms it SIGNIFICANTLY boosts your stats in the boss fight. GG EZ
I feel like you should be able to invade with the covenant item on and get the covonant items when you kill the host.
You should get a sunlight armour from the Warriors of the sun. \[T]/
Praise the sun
Is progression with items accumulative?
I believe donation to a convenant are resetted in ng+. If you gave 28 solar medals you have rank 1 in the sunlight covenant. In new game plus you will be rank 0. Therefor grab the covenant items and reach the last second rank before ng+
Yes, from what I read it stacks/adds up. I started a new game (NG+) and turned out to be true.
the rank is carried over NG cycles, but its highly advisable to farm them with NG enemies since they're easier to kill
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I wish there was a covenant about the spears of the church that defend the outerwalls/ inner walls of the ringed city. Maybe called the spearheads of the church?
Call it the Imperial Watch lol. FOR THE EMPIRE!!


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There is a covenant called Spears of the Church. You can join in the Ringed City DLC. Defeat Darkeater Midir under the Inner Ring Wall bonfire. The covenant item drops upon defeating Midir. Equip it to join the covenant.
I'm pretty sure the op knows what the actual covenant is lmao
So if I switch covenants before I get to level two, does that reset my progress with that covenant?
Does anyone want to co-op story I can help with bosses I just need more sunlight medals Xbox only
I gotchu. MeatMeteor37