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What are the recommended levels for NG+7?
What about DLC areas? I'm almost SL70 but I am too weak to beat corvian knight...
the problem is... you are trying to fight an angry bird, you don't fight with angry birds, if you got pyro or spell get on a roof and bombard it xD
Stay between 80-90 so u can co op with end game and dlc, above that and you'll end up in the ng+ territory
lmao this is about wrong - 5 levels
It does say for matchmaking, bosses will be easier or harder depending on your build and playstyle, if you loose to a boss five times in a row its probably worth leveling up once or twice, rinse a repeat till you succeed.
invader here what level are people when in Ringed city DLC
I think you could be around 60 -70, since those levels are the recommended for Klin of the First Flame and its necessary to reach that location first in order to visit the Ringed City.
I'd suggest ignoring the first 5/16/2020 comment. Ringed will be 100-120 +10.
How do Special or boss weapons affect the matchmaking?
Since they go up only to five whatever upgrade number it has is doubled
Anybody SL 351 yet?
Im only 267
i'm wayyy too underleveled for this bs. sl 32 at catacombs
Same but way lower. I'm level 12 at catacombs. Just sayin'.
How are you this low level? At least the boss souls and the collectible souls should male your lecel higher. Git gud my friend, if you are on pc, I can help you through the areas to farm souls.
Not a veteran but have played Dark Souls 8 years ago and I picked up Dark Souls 3 deluxe edition in Steam Golden Week sale. I did some jolly co-operation for Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Before I knew, I had 180k souls so I levelled up since it will be a waste not to. I am already at SL 65 with +6 Heavy Claymore in Catacomb of Carthus (I haven't even started this area). Obviously, I am over-levelled for invasion here. Should I keep levelling up or should I wait until I finish Anor Londo or should I go to Ashes of Ariandel.
You can get by with a +6 Claymore in Ariandel. You could also do Dancer in your own world as well with that weapon. From my experience, there's still quite a bit of invasions in Anor Londo at SL 90
Op here. To the anon above thanks for the reply. I've killed dancer in my own world. However, I do not plan to go to Ashes of Ariandel before finishing the base game. I decided to stay at sl 65 +6 until the Grand Archive. Although I will still try to invade in central Irithyll. Thank you for the advice.