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25Xp for trading the jar for his coat. you will get a captain's charismatic coat, with +1 persuasion and Tyrant's Charm. You need a +2 persuasion to pass the speed check (only your leader can do this). If you just give him the jar with no trade, you get no XP or the coat. If you fight Captain Zapor, he will summon an army of 5 undeads to kill you. You also get 25XP. You can loot the undeads for some stuff but nothing much.
Just to be clear, you get the same xp for the fight than from breaking the jar?
Not clear what you mean... do you fail to get the armour unless you trade the soul jar for it, or can you loot it from his corpse?

Amazing that this is such a highly rated game yet the guides to it are so poor.
Possible (hilarious) bug: When I took the row boat to the Lady Vengeance from where you fight Alexandar while wearing all 3 armor pieces, I found my character's pants were gone. Not in my inventory, just gone. I reloaded and tried again after taking off the set armor pieces and my pants were fine. As soon as I put the set chest piece on, the pants disappeared again. Charming pirate captain's revenge?
When you equipt the full set it upgrades all your armor to lvl 8. Including your pants so if you are lacking a stat check on them it will deequipt them. Also this is repeatable, I lvled up all the pants I had to level 8 with this bug
hmm... when i wear the armor, the green vortex appeared. what is this?
I assume you are talking about the Tyrants Charm aura
yes i know... but in trailer, i can see purple aura only.
green one is little annoying!
its SUPER annoying !!
My arm does not work, could it be because I drank his soul?
Apparently equipping the whole set also levels up both your gloves and pants to level 8. Now I have a bare bum and level 8 gloves of teleportation which I cannot equip anymore thanks to the raised stat requirements.
I destroyed the jar before I knew this was a quest. Can I still get the armor?