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Firstly these guides are awesome.

RE: Hydromania party

If you use it make sure you have enough flexibility to support your poor tidalist! I'm playing it now and she's struggling to break through magic armour without support.


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Hi its been awhile since i asked the question. Will you have any updated party builds for Definitive Edition?


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What do you think about ambidextr-summoner? Increase Strength and Intelligence (Mostly for damaging scrolls) and use melee weapon to knockdown enemies. In party he will be like a support, but his summons will deal good damage.
Thinking this for a party - want your input:
Fane - Eternal Warrior
Red Prince - Juggernaut, using some skill points to supply poison as a way of supporting Fane. These two provide warfare based CC
Ifan - Ranger, maybe summoner
Sebille - blood mage

Thoughts? Obviously going very physical build




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Looks like a great group! Make sure you bring some Fire Arrows with your Ranger so it can assist with Magic Damage when it needs to!

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For the Hydromania comp, who would you replace for a Radiant Battlemage/Battlemage?


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Hi, i am a new beginner in the game. I want to play with a physical damage type party. But i will make only my avatar character magical to be the party's power house. Thinking to play with these characters for their stories and thinking this for a party combination:

Red Prince: Juggernaut
Fane: Frost Paladin/Crystalline Cleric
Lohse: Assassin
Ifan: Elementalist

2 tanks, 1 finisher, 1 mage
I would really really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


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Do we have to use custom characters for these builds or can we use origin characters? Sorry for the noob question ^^


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Hey Castille, great work on these guides, thanks for the effort!

I've recently started with the Definitive Edition for PS4 using Fane as the main char. which I am building following your Undeath Incarnate guide.

I'm trying to build a Mixed Damage Party but I have some doubts with the suggested "templates" and the rest of my party:

Fane: Undeath Incarnate
Lohse: Crystalline Cleric / Tidalist / Terramancer or other?
Sibille: Assasin or Duelist or something else entirely (non rogue)?
Ifan: I'd like to go with Ranger but not sure which ranger build to improve synergy with the others.

Any suggestions for the other 3 characters?