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Hello all! It's been awhile since i've made my own thread here so apologies if the format looks awful. I've spent pretty much almost everyday since MHW dropped playing it racking about up to 80 ish hours now. I'm new to the series and the purpose of this thread was to aid others who are also new, not have as much of a rough time as I did hopping in. The thread will just be randomly hopping around with tips. More informal than anything really. So hopefully you can follow along and I hope this helps someone~

Online play: Starting with this as it seems to be the most confusing thing for most people. You first are greeted with a screen that says "join online session" or "create online session." For the sake of this being simple we will just start with the latter. Once clicking create you'll seem some various options but the most important one at the bottom asks you if you want it to be private or not. Private is what is on the tin. No one can join your session without getting invited. Leaving it open means others can join freely. But lets explain the structure of the online system.

There are sessions. These can hold up to I believe 16 players. You won't actually see any of these players unless you and them are in the hub area at the top of the city. Then you have squads, which are kind of like this games version of clans. You don't need to be in a squad to play with anyone. They just need to be in your session. For the most part any mission you go on be it expeditions, investigations,optional quests etc people can simply walk up to a message board and join your posted mission by selecting join. The only time this is really different is during story missions. in this instance the person hosting the mission has to have passed all the cutscenes. And the joining people have to have also done this. SoS flares are used to let other players searching for a specific monster join into your mission. These people don't have to be in your session. And at the end of a mission you've got 2 options. Either returning to camp or HQ. the former reloads everyone still in a group back into the area in expedition format. Allowing you to stay grouped and select other missions or just playing the area. the latter takes everyone back to the city. But these people will stay in your session unless they came VIA SoS flare.

Getting comfortable with the game: Essentially this section is about the UI among other things that help you understand the game better from a viewing and playing standpoint.
First lets talk about the camera. By default your attacks are going where your character is facing. locking onto your enemy does not change this. merely it lets you not have to move the camera and attack at the same time. However if this isn't your thing you can make the game like dark souls. By that I mean the weapon swings follow your camera instead. To do this open up the options menu and select camera. scroll down till you see "reticle direction" and change it to characters direction. Then hit right once to go to the next page under camera reset settings select "direction of character." And there you go. now when you lock on your attacks will now follow the lock. Additionally under "target camera controls" you can select "type 2" which allows you to press right bumper to reorient the camera to your characters back.

If you were like me and found scrolling through items with the Dpad to be frustrating and overhwhelming you can actually edit the order of the items for that. Which makes scrolling easier to deal with. To do this press start and go to your item pouch. when in your item pouch you can press Y which will let you change the order of your items. I personally have all heals and the like on the right while I have tools traps/capture things and what have you on the left. In a similar vein of making equipment easier to manage you can actually name and save loadouts for your gear. You can do this by going to any item box in the hub area and hitting options after you've clicked "manage items" tab. You can even name these loadouts. You can even do this with items if you have a preferred setup of items when you go out on your hunts.

Finally you can customize your radial menu. You can name each section and put whatever you wish inside them. I have one section for tools. one for gestures. one for healing items. and one for ammo. changing radial menu settings and item control settings to type 2 lets you switch between radial menus and using the items in said menus with your 4 main buttons instead of trying to juggle with the d pad and control stick.

Weapons and armor: Monster hunter is quite different compared to most RPG's in that you don't level up. Instead your progression is more based around armor and weapons. I just want to get it out of the way that there are no "best" weapons and armor. In low rank you can pretty much use any setup you wish and in high rank and above hunting is very much more about switching to the right armor to counter that monsters strengths while you switch to a weapon element that exploits their weaknesses. For the first 30 ish hours Don't worry about armor skills. Just focus on gradually moving up in armor and upgrading your armor via armor cores. Weapon wise it's ALWAYS going to be more beneficial to run a weapon with an element attached to it. Elemental weapons do both physical and elemental damage. You can absolutely take a fire based weapon against a fire resistant monster and still do alright damage. There really isn't a reason to run without an element unless you simply don't have access to a weapon with an element.

What weapon would I recommend for beginners? really I can't say one is the best for beginners. The long sword has great reach and is quite mobile despite it's size. nothing complex about it's mechanic either. Sword and shield let you use items without having to sheath your weapons and are great at dpsing. dual swords combos are so extensive and fluid that you really can't mess up your attacking. it essentially nearly removes the timing aspect that helps you do more optimal damage in monster hunter. in short find a weapon style that works for you. You're given 1 of each at the start and can go to the training room (access from your house cat in your room) and practice to your hearts content. Final tip here is that all weapons have a movement option while the weapon is out. if you do that near a wall your character will run up it in some fashion and do an attack. great if a monster has you cornered. Or if you're one of the weapons that can't mount from the ground.

Misc tips: These are just rapid fire tips that didn't fit into the main sections above:
~Mounting is more easily done if attempting to get on from behind. it also has a cooldown. so don't attempt to mount right away after one has finished.
~if you hold right trigger when a monster tries to bash you off against something you will rope back onto them.
~mounting and stabbing places like the tail or head drastically weaken those areas for breaking.
~Capturing a monster will always yield more rewards than killing it. (elder dragons can't be captured)
~don't forget about tailraider missions. an extra way to earn materials.
~always be filling up on bounties. they supply your armor cores.
~run investigations. they're your best constant source for money at any point in the game.
~Monsters can "enrage" this has a visual tell like usually something foaming at the mouth. in this instance they will spam the same attack(s) until exhausted.
~firing charged shots on ranged weapons at weak points with a status ammo/coating will make that effect more powerful/happen quicker. Beware that like KOing a monster they will build resistences against it.
~there is a person in town sitting in front of a bunch of books. Deal with a monster enough (including picking up it's tracks) will give you the information on what the monster is weak to and where the weak points are. along with tips on how to deal with the monster better.
~talk to everyone with an "!" above their head. often leads you on optional quests for things you just don't want to miss.
~always eat a meal before going on a hunt.
~make sure to shove any bugs, flora, mushrooms and the like into your item box. things can be crafted in their and easily re stocked mid mission inside the tent.
~speaking of the tent pauses the mission timer and allows you to change equipment mid mission.
~try to keep a healthy stock of dung pods and flash pods. Both will be universally helpful. the former at making monsters scatter (so you don't need to fight 2 at once) and the latter is a great stun. even on flying/tunneling monsters.
~a sleeping boss takes extra damage. and the head takes extra damage and both stack. if you happen to be in an instance where the monster is sleeping use your most damaging attack or plant big explosive barrels near the head.
~You can use SoS searches at the mission boards to hunt specific monsters you want to fight without entering a quest making farming even easier if you don't feel like running an investigation.
~if you find yourself asleep, stunned, or paralyzed rapidly shaking back and forth on your left thumb stick will break you out of it quicker.

I think that is it. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask. But keep in mind i'm still learning myself. I might not have an answer.
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Nice tips, thanks! Many I did not know especially the lock-on Dark Souls style. I was always having problems landing my charge blade ax attacks because of this.


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Glad I could help!
do you have any questions?
A perfect evening involves pizza, some tea, some bros, and dark souls.


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I’ll bump this for posterity and add a few things:

- When you reach HR, you can buy two new items at the vendor in the tradeyard called Power charm and Armor charm that raise your stats just by having them in your inventory. There’s no reason not to buy these things. Later you can upgrade them into Power talon and Armor talon via the item crafting list to increase the bonus they give you, and then buy two more charms because they stack with the talons.

- After mounting a monster, you can swap your position on top of it just by flicking the analog stick in a particular direction, this is typically easier than holding R2 to brace when a monster tries to get you off itself.

- There’s a special palico tool you can find in every location of the game where it’s possible to go on an expedition. They require you to seek out the local kitty people tribes and sometimes do a favor for them, but they’re definitely worth getting.

- Multiplayer increases monster health by x2.6 regardless of the number of players. If two players co-op and then one of them leaves, the monster health still remains at x2.6.

Other stuff I’d wish I knew sooner include: knowing almost all armor sets get better versions of themselves about halfway through the game, decoration farming is pointless until you get Tempered Investigations, the Vitality mantle exists, palicos with status ailment weapons actually inflict status alignments fairly often.


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Great tips!
kind of bummed that the health is either solo or MP.
doesn't account for smaller parties.
Sort of makes me and my friend not want to farm together since solo is faster.
A perfect evening involves pizza, some tea, some bros, and dark souls.
Hii there im newbie.. May I ask where can I buy those charms..bcz from my MH those trader provision guy.. Didn't sell any charms
Few things to be prepared for:
~This is not a SOUL game (unfortunatelly or fortunatelly);
~Saturated collors;
~Annoyng Chatty NPCs;
~A Character that will not respond to your commands after a roar;
~Players killing themselves cuz they can't dodge a monster missed attack;
~Strange and gigantic weapons.. Wait? How can i hold this thing?!



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I beat the entire MR story using this:


I used Sticky 3 ammo. The only upgrade I made was to Hidden Bullet 2. You can craft this set at MR3, as soon as you can fight a nargacuga. You can make a better set with better decos (which I didn't have), but this is pretty light on decos. HR gear should get you to MR3, easy enough.
I just beatthe queat that requires you to hunt two bazzelguesse and i stil cant take on 9 star quests what do i have to do to get that right?