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Currently at SL282 No Invaders Killed all Bosses Except for Gael and Midir at NG+10 using Ember Hoping for invaders....
Keep your SL below ~150 if you want to get invaders in NG
Is there any functional reason why co-opers have to glow in white or yellow? It really ruins the fashion
Yellow phantoms are part of the warriors of sunlight covenant.
If you use the untrue dark ring you get from Yuria you can remove the glow
I really, really wanted to be able to invade low-level worlds with my nolvl% run, but since my weapon is maxed, I can't summon nor invade nor get invaded by anything. It's a sad fate...
Scrub, git gud and use an unupgraded weapon for nolvl run
Good one less griefer
Not sure if it works but you could try equipping an at SL weapon and invade (or get invaded) then you could try to equipping the upgraded weapon after.
If me and my friend are using a password can i summon other people then just my friend? I was at the high wall of lothric and i couldn't see anyone else's sign and it's normally decently active around there, is this cause the password? Can i really only summon my friend?
You can summon another player by taking your password off after you summon your friend.
I'm online and I know PS4 is active because I keep getting invaded and there are so many blood stains all around the area but the bonfire keeps showing everything is inactive even tho it isn't help
Password maybe? Try checking that out, and remove it if you have one
Simple (potentially stupid) question how does your level affect coop I got started around 2 months ago and I've mainly played solo what difference will it make if I'm level 170 and my friend is 140 pls help
As long as you're playing via password co-op, your friend (lv 140) will be no different than a regular phantom besides being under leveled. If you join their world, you(lv170) will have admg/health reduction.
If multiple phantoms use soul farming items (symbol of avarice, shield of want, silver serpent ring), do the effects stack for everyone?
No. Only the player wearing the items will benefit from the soul gain
When I get invaded, sometimes I get a message saying who invaded me, other times I get no message. What determines this?
Are you sure it was a dark spirit, and not just a hostile npc like Knight Slayer Tsorig?
Yeah positive. When I don't get a message, I'll just hear a very fair invasion sound, that's my only warning. Other times I get a clear text message that I'm being invaded. Can't figure out the pattern
Could be a glitch because I never heard about this before.
Who wants to farm covenants together, it’s so boring :’( , I’ve been farming concord kept for 2 days !!
I'm keen, I am farming fillianores ornaments at the moment. It Is taking some time.Are you on PC?
Can my friend who just started the game summon me while I’m on NG+ around level 160? I’d like to interest him with dark souls but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to finish the game on his own .Or should I create a new character and just play with him at equal level?
Yes he can summon you, just remember to use the same password in the matchmaking options of the game.
He would, but be aware you health will be dramatically decreased to level out you op levels