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The camera in this boss is by far the hardest part of this entire game
i never hadany problem for teh first phase, the camera isn't that bad with the lock-on. but the second phase... oh god.
How do you dodge that fire breath attack again? Well to be honest thats the biggest bullsh*t ive ever seen. I treid to run his direction, opposite direction and sideways and every feicking time I get rekt and why is he so high while doing that, like when I lock on I can literally see my characters's di*k from that high angle, real, real close. pls help im dying on the inside and i have crippling depression
I'm guessing you're talking about how downward breath attack since that's the one that's actually hard to dodge. Simply put, you don't. You don't dodge the fire breath itself. You run like hell when you know it's coming. There are two hovering attacks. One where he releases a shockwave and the fire breath. For the shockwave the drake will flutter its wings erratically and move backwards which means run/roll toward it. For the firebreath it will fly straight up in a single wing flap. When you see this happen, run like hell. Do not hesitate and if you need to look back, don't stop or even pause running to do so. And as another rule of thumb, don't lock on in the first phase. The guy's so big there's really no point and its left/right head swinging will make you nauseous.
Yes,yes I know, I was doing that since I knew it was coming (second time it occured, because the first time I didnt know his moves yet), but per 15 times he did this move, I managed to take no damage once,well I guess this move is pure punishment for staying under the dragon for too long and the only way to dodge it is to face the dragon and fight him like that, but I was just wondering if you can dodge it if it occurs , this man made history an attack that cant be dodged but can be avoided
Damn I love the fact that if you block or take the thunder in the face, your armor becomes covered in soot
As a pyromancer, it is possible to perform in this fight using only Chaos Bed Vestiges. You just need to land a few good hits on the dragon and thats all. After that, you only need to learn his moves. By the way, *****ing annoying boss
Worst enemy in soulsborne games. The camera.
Dragonslayer Greatshield +5 (no buffs) really made this fight dumb but fun as hell. He can smack your *** all day long with everything he´s got if you just keep your shield up and stamina in control. 150 stamina was more than enough to make this fight super easy. 38 str is a lot though unless you want to two-hand shield bash your way to victory with 26. Actually that might be fun too. :D
what a *****ing bull********** boss the camera is a *****ing ***** and gets you killed..
un *****ing dodegeable horse***** this *****ing *****...
First phase is EZ. Then you cheese that ***** with an avelyn on second phase