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Convince the Magisters, Go into the spot with the guy, come out, unchain one of your characters and talk with the patrol around the gate area, as far from the magisters, kill them, no aggro. And to finish the quest just go into the cellar and tell him that magisters outside are dead, let him come out, talk with him, and the quest ends.
why the hell would i waste all of this effort just to beable to speak with bloody magisters? i killed every magister in this game without even speaking to a single one of them! doing quests for magisters? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA i can't bear to be within 10 meters from these without instantly killing them then face ripping their corpse and purging their souls
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If you kill all the magisters, go inside and talk to Owin (it's not owen), tell him he's free to go, then go outside again and talk to him the quest will be resolved and the XP earned.
Alternate Method: The cliff @ the cemetery (where you philosophize and match wits with the undead know-it-all) just so happens to overlook the burning house and the magisters are all within spell distance. I teleported each of them up one by one and slaughtered them 4 on 1. You know... With honor. You can then proceed with the "kill magisters method" in the blackpits at your leisure, and the remaining magisters will be none-the-wiser and happy to chat - before you shove an oil barrel up each of their tailpipes.
I killed all these magisters and the rest aren't hostile. Not sure if this changed in DE or what.
Same and then they let you in if you show them the Writ of Passage
In DE Magisters at the gate becomes hostile too if alternate path is followed.
I'm on the most recent version of DE (check today's date) and I killed the corrupt magisters trying to smoke Owin out (after speaking to them and Owin and helping Owin). No one else is hostile toward me. My battle did not wander close to the gate either.