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Killed all the Chaos Eaters but one. Then when I tried to go up and talk to him, the damn Chaos Eater fell in one of the gaping holes and I’m stuck on option three. ***** me right?
Same here. Thank you dark souls wiki.
In lost izilath i went down to help him but died quickly, when I wnet back all the chaos eaters were gone and seigmeyer was still alive and I could finish the questline.
I didn't read any of this, beforehand. Talked to him, jumped in after him, and he proceeded to destroy all but one of the tentacled beasties like it was a walk in the park. I was watching amused, and missed the last one moving in to munch on my head, which killed me. When I came back, the last beastie was gone, and he was fine, apparently above 50% as he didn't offer the ring. Perhaps he's gotten a buff?
What happens if sieglinde is killed before he goes to ash lake?
What if he gets stuck at Sen’s?
Same by me - he sits still at the secound encounter and doesnt react to talk. I already took the lord vessel and he doesnt showed up in anor londo even before. Maybe because I skipped the roof by jumping the stairs to the 2nd greets & have fun
Siegmeyer > Solaire
People hate the truth
Does the quest fail if you kill the chaos eaters before he appears in izalith?
No.. I’m at Gwyn currently after beating all the other bosses and went back to see if I could continue Siegmeyers line.. I started back off at bottom of blighttown and then moved onto izalith
i finally got to him in izalith and he jumped down... and then he died almost instantly.
played this game like 10 times before but like a dumbass I completely forgot you can't talk to him in izalith, guy jumped and I immediately jumped with him in total desperation, we both died in two seconds, it was an absolute bloodbath, the stuff of nightmares
Wow... he really “LEEROYYY JEEENKINNNS” that up.
I think you can shoot all the chaos eaters dead except for one then jump down to handle the last one with him. This will make sure that he doesn't reach the < 50% HP threshhold. Is this true?
For me I even took the last one to almost zero health
Lmao I killed them with short bow, except the last one, had to use dragonslayer cuz i hadn't more arrows, but it's possible to shoot them all
*laughs in spellcaster build*