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Witness the furry of knight of catarina. Arrrhhh!
In my game Yhorm went absolutely bat*****crazy and went ham on Siegward and cornered him. Siegward died within seconds and now I’m sad he didn’t get to fulfill his promise.
Dies in the Yhorm fight every single playthrough for me. :shrug:
Why cant you stay alive god dammit? You have one of the heaviest armor in the game and some estus flasks ffs
if you kill aldrich before rescuing him in irityll dungeon, does it mess up his quest?
No you just gotta talk to him as soon as you can move before you get teleported to dancer. When you finish her or if you die, just warp back to Yhorm and grab his gear in the room.
Sooo my seigward is immortal in the demon fight
No, he can die.
Cutting onions makes you cry. ;-;
ya so i cant complete this quest when i talked to him in the undead settlement i kinda just left him there i didint bother to come back until i killed yhorm and aldritch i dont know whats going on i made peace with the giaint and diidnt find him on the ledge where the fire demon is i went down and killed it thinking maybe that would fix it but nope if anyone knows whats going on plz help
You can’t continue his quest line if you kill Yhorm and don’t even start his quest line
Killed yhorm then freed him from his cell, went to boss bf, I got storm ruler only, he is no where to be found nor his set, where can I find it?