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is there any way to get passed the area where the giant monster with the bone hammer is?
Thrs a secret path u have to find
Git gud
Broken ledge on the side of the battlements
PSA - The old wolf makes a great couch for some brief respite.
What does deepening the bond do
How do I get out of the old wolf of farron
When trying to jump on it you can sometimes get stuck behind or inside of it. Quit out and join back.
Pull out
Whoever wrote 'filth ahead' on XB1 is getting invaded and rekt.
Lol take a joke. U sound like your 10 lol.
Filth Ahead
The dead bodies near the Dragon Torso stone in the Irithyll Dungeon also bleed in exactly the same way when struck, so that doesn't prove the wolf is alive. It is just a graphical effect and is meaningless in this case. The wolf is obviously dead and the article should be changed. It also does NOT growl or breathe. The lighting from the fire simply makes it appear that it is moving when it is isn't.
Yeah its not doing any breathing effects but its still interactable, thus some sort of spirit must remain = alive?
Read the exile armor set description before making an *** of yourself. It clearly states that while the wolf appears to be dead, it's actually just sleeping.
The wolf is emaciated, not dead, and in the japanese (original) translation it states that the wolf is dormantand weakened, not dead.
However, Old Wolf Curved Sword said "Curved sword bearing the soul of the old wolf that stays with the Watchdogs of Farron". I think it implies the old wolf may already dead.


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The Abyss Watchers are rolling in their graves with all these casuls wearing their armor, spamming Legion Etiquette with the Dark Sword/Irrythil Straight Sword and attacking reds as a Watchdog of Farron.
Deal with it ;D
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question, how do you pray to this guy? I know what happens when you pray to him, I just don't know how.