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why does he say that "dark in you fades..." after he kills you? you should get more dark points instead if you chose to try and kill him
Why? It's Dark, not Death. Two different Lord Souls.
Murdering people is dark dimwit. Dark is born out of hatred, malice, spite and the like so naturally murder is a dark thing.
Who the ***** cares if it's dark or death? You failed, you don't get points. *****ing manchilds.
Also the dark is related to humanity which wasn't the embodiment of hatred, instead it was determination. The only embodiment of hatred i can see is Gwyn, because he is the one who "enslaved" humanity and made the cycle which basically depends on someone burning. And death is rather neutral, because everything sometimes dies. Also, i don't think that Graandahl is a sith to encourage the player to kill him because of hatred.
Went through all of that for effigies for shrine of amana. Worth


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Didn't join the first time he offered after seeing him at all locations, then beat the game and now he isn't there at all in any of the places
Crippled Gandalf
There's no way to summon him back after killing?
i killed this old fak with the fume UGS just after beating darklurker ! the because i lost many effigies into that***** hole
git gud


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Cheers, I'll appraise to that
DARKDRIVER!!! I want this wheelchair as my mount in Elden Ring!