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Where is the yelling emote, NOT the call over one, the one where you actually lean over and scream lol?
It's called "Call Over", check the "Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow" page for details.
NOT call over. It’s called “My Thanks!” although there is not an actual in game scream. Obtained from killing Knight Slayer Tsorig
Different voices do different call overs maybe thats what u mean
Are you thinking of the carvings? The items that you drop on the ground and they say something?
Are you possibly thinking of Roar from Bloodborne?
So what if you don't have an option foe gestures at all?
Why is "Well, What is it?" Only in one game?
it's too powerful to be in all 3
Point down is the only important gesture.
The "by my sword" gesture with no weapon equipped looks like a standing toast.
Hi! Canot get all gestures combining my characters? Do i really have to make all gestures with one??? Like sorceries, miracles, pyromancies or rings?????
Nel, you've gotta get them all with one character.