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Can someone edit a shorter version of this, aint no body got time to read the authors first chapter on Eso
So... "Go in, kill stuff and don't die" That's all you needed?
Since I skimmed through and didnt see/probably passed stamina class advice, I'd like to note a few tips for us stam sorcs: 1. You don't need whirlwind. Hurricane+Deadly cloak active is like a free whirlwind every second for 15 seconds which is free stamina. 2. Bound armaments is a take or leave skill. If you're doing a legit trial, it's necessary. Take crit surge instead and decide if you wanna use armaments or one of the flurry morphs. 3. Your back bar should be bow and you NEED Poison Injection, Caltrops, Endless Hail, and Dark Deal. You can switch between trap beast and vigor accordingly depending on which boss you feel strong or weak against. 4. Make sure atleast hurricane and crit surge is active at ALL times. If you don't have enough stam for deadly cloak to be active, that's okay. You can heal with hurricane and crit surge as you pop a potion and heavy+dark deal to full stamina again. 5. Don't be afraid to use the buffs in the arena. It's just you in that arena and nobody is gonna judge you for using them. Just make sure you use them when you REALLY need to. For example: While the boss is at full health, don't grab the damage buff option. Use the defense buff instead. Burn it down to half health and then grab every other buff. 6. The boss burning rotation standard is as followed: Endless Hail+Light Attack+Caltrops+Light Attack+Poison Injection+Light Attack+Bar Switch+Light Attack+Rend+Light Attack+(Flurry+Light Attack)*5+Reactivate Hurricane and Deadly Cloak+Repeat whole process=Success. (These tips are for players who can not parse over 30k dps as it's gonna be hard for them to burn bosses down)
Thank you for this guide I know that it will help me so much!
Thank you so much for this!! You being a healer gives me hope :D
Why in the world does Maelstrom Arena need a walkthrough? Just go dps with at least 1 heal, and your golden.
Posting this 4 years after release of MA, when DPS is thrice as high as in the times this guide was written. Well played, sir. Well played.
Thanks for the detailed write-up! This helped me clear it after...a few attempts :-D