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+3 fire broadsword finishes this a minute in case anyone having hard time
Is there anywhere i can get a fire gem since i didnt select it for a burial gift
You can get it at the fire demon halfway up the elevator where seigward will be
Berserk sultan, this greatwood is like the wood souls of sultan in berserk
Something I didn't find out until my umpteenth playthrough, there's a sixth sac on his right arm. To get to it, you either need to snipe it with a bow or run away so he stands up and tries to squish you, leaving the sac exposed. If you go for this sac (along with the other five), it will kill him without having to deal any additional damage to the hand he grows in the second phase. Makes the fight much easier without any cheesy tactics.
You can also get him to slam down with both arms in the first phase and hit it then. It's on his right elbow.
Finnaly killed this shieat
"Frog Boss in Dark Souls 2" he has a name
Yeah it's "pushover"
i feel like im actually breaking an old mans balls not a trees
I hear Eygon and Siegward can be summoned for this boss if conditions are met but you couldn't tell it from this page.
No they can’t I always talk to them before the boss and I usually still have my ember by the time I reach it
There are 0 summons for this boss
I'll take Nameless King over this pile of*****.
I hope I wasnt the only one genuinely freaked out by the arm just popping out during the second phase, thought some kind of giant grotesque hollow was gonna pop out and fight me as a third phase.
It's actually a good concept and the music is pretty scary, but the execution is poor. I might've gone for a fake-out, where you fight some kind of hollow boss in the area, then the floor collapses and the tree wakes up. Instead we got a lumbering acorn-looking thing with a bunch of ballsacks all over it.