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I fought the demon on the initial island to keep Solaire from charging him. Using sorceries seemed to really help, the demon would aim for me, letting Solaire hit him with a lightning spear as I backed up to stay out of range.
All those years of playing the Floor is Lava on the playground prepared me for this fight.
"For someone who is not in possession of the Orange Charred Ring".

What is the point of this sentence? The boss is where you get the ring (he drops it), and you lose it upon going to NG+...
You can get the ring by cutting his tail during the fight, I guess that sentence references that. You could cut its tail, die, then fight him properly.
What is pokemon in this situation?
There seems to be a glitch when the centipede demon does his high jumping attack where he if he is too close the the wall he will go out of bounds, won’t drop down and automatically die. This happened on my second play through.
There seems to be a simplistic yet obvious point of lore with this boss relative to the Orange Charred Ring. It would appear that the brother of the daughters of chaos, which we understand is Ceaseless Discharge, carelessly dropped the ring, allowing the Centipede Demon to be formed.
Actually i believe that Centipede Demon IS Ceaseless Discharge's right arm since he is clutching hes side and missing an arm.
Is that's the case, his arm is harder to kill lmao
just short the distance between you and him using the safe terrain, running into the center of the arena and stay rear. ez beaten with +10 Divine Halberd on 2nd try.
The camera is the real boss fight



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absolutely. first time fighting him, got him down to near dead and cut off his tail. solar got ate, and as his corpse was thrown to the ground, one of the tenticles pushed me into the lava because of some wierd camera bulls"t, taking out all my health in seconds. obviously having cut his tail off, I equipped the orange lava ring and kicked his ***.
If anyone’s on, I could use some help with this boss. Solaire glitched and the summon sign isn’t showing up (He won’t leave the Sunlight Alter.) I’m using the fextra password.
I’m kind of amazed they didn’t fix this guy in the remaster. Just fought him and he fell through the floor, just like ps3. SMH.
See Glitch section above. He grabbed me and when he was done, fell right through the floor.