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I want her to jack me off with we feet while I can her her softly giggling from inside her head wrapping.
who doesn't? she is cutest of all the characters from ds3 i love her so much
Yeah we need Noah to get the boat
Heysel is for sure the best ds waifu
This is... an interesting comment
I offered the pale tongue and ended Sirris' quest after Abyss Watchers, can I still summon Heysel
No. She's a summon for Abyss Watchers, so you can't summon her anymore.
I hate this fricking npc. He invaded and didn't show up. Went to his spawn, no one's there. Explored the whole damn swamp and killed all the critters just to find this little*****. Played the waiting game and still didn't show up. Had to kill myself in the end.
She’s wearing the obscuring ring. If you’re not next to her spawn, she’ll wander off looking for YOU.
Will I only be invaded by Heysel if I am playing in online mode?
You will only be invaded by Heysel if you are embered, either online or offline
Going for plat, just read if I’ve maxed out Rosarias covenant prior to summoning Heysel, I’ve completely locked myself out of getting this gesture in all subsequent playthroughs with my current character. Was this ever patched? Or NG run for gestures it is?
Just summoned her for the achievement in NG+ on PC, I maxed the covenant during NG. I went to Rosaria, gave 1 pale tongue, and had no trouble summoning her at the slug spot before killing Abyss Watchers. Can't confirm or deny if these are necessary steps but it worked for me.
I wish I was immune to poison & toxic and had infinite estus.
She doesn't have unlimited estus


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i remember freaking out when this guy invaded me, thinking i was gonna get hacked by another player
I *****ing hate this invader so much. Everytime I clear out all the goddamn tree zombies, ugly *****es, one of the big crabs and all the sleepy bois in the castle-y place where the sorcerer guy is this ***** shows up when I have nothing left in my flasks so I have no more fire to throw at her and no more healing >:(
Slumbering dragon ring, trigger her summons and then go get the mad phantom by the bonfire and let them duke it out with the crabs for your viewing pleasure.
The ladder that leads to Faron Keep, can be used to quite easily chesss her
I am trying to get all gestures and guess who forgot that yellowfinger exists.