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To access his shop you need a minimum of 10 INT
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I didn't get any dialogue about the undead/catacombs quest. What's up with that? Allegedly he's supposed to tell me about the mission for free while the fat blonde guy wants me to pay souls for such information.
what quest? Theres no such quest.
Griggs being a spy makes more sense when you think about the body that you find inside the room with him that is wearing “his” outfit and may have been the real Griggs.
Where is he? arch what? stairs where and leading to undead burg? It is impossible to follow so messy instructions


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It specifically says the Lower level of Undead Burg. To access this area, you need to find the Basement Key which is on the steps in front of the church by the gate near where the Fang Boar was. Once you have the key, you go to the bridge where the Hellkite Wyvern is and the door leading to Lower Undead Burg will be at the end near where you meet Solaire. Once you head through and down the tall ladder, you can go up the stairs to your right to open a very convenient shortcut from the main Undead Burg bonfire to Lower Undead Burg. That is the staircase the page is talking about.
Him being a spy makes sense as when you kill him right next to logan in firelink logan does not attack you