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Avelyn is also very good against him. It fires almost instantly, so plugging him when he's teleporting is pretty easy.
mmm yeah daddy plug that bad boy~


Battle Tested

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Oh! I remember him! Aldrich loved him!
You have some explaining to do, sully
Yes he even ate that *****
You can shoot him from the third pillar with poison arrows and he won't attack back if you can't cach him
i dont care if your a boy! YOUR CLOTHES LOOK FANCY I WANT EM!
I would choose Gwyndolin over his sister Gwynevere anyday <3
You need help.
Gwynevere is a loser who just sits there smiling like an idiot, Gwyndolin is a chad who ruled Anor Londo from the shadows
Even then you can't deny those "amazing chest ahead" and "use both hands"
i thought it said "Mark the words of mineself, Gwyndolin! Thou shalt not pass!" and thought of gandorf
if listen his voice sounds like elijah wood/frodo
I love Japanese people. Only people like FromSoftware can put such Japanese concept like males dressed as females into a medieval European setting and give it a very reasonable and lore related explanation, and people are obsessed with this! Japanese people are true magicians. I love Japanese people.
males dressed as females is not a japanese concept, weeb
weeb alert
You all cling to the poor Gwyndolin's sex so much. Leave him alone, if you follow Lord Gwyn's logic, I wonder why Gwynevere wasn't brought up as a son. After all, the sun was supposed to represent a man and the moon to represent a woman. I really feel sorry for Gwyndolin, he was not treated okay by his father, not even in relation to his attitude towards Gwynevere, who was supposed to represent the sun, and IS NOT A GUY.
he's the cutest boy though
i wish if you would enter gwyns tomb gwyndolin would just come up behind you and say "ara ara"
"you need to be punished ashen-kun"
and then gorgeous gwyndolin sits on my face. i like where this is going
gwyndolin is so cute uwu