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All people downvoting comments about how bs this monster to fight... I hope you will be well after yours brain cancer treatment. If half of playerbase have problems with exact one single monster... of course it's problem of community and bad design...
If I can win first try with the banbaro bow without hidden element/ammo up, then anyone can, stop blaming the game for your own failure at preparing for fights that are clearly above your level, at that point in the game you should have full MR armor, be fully equipped with enough food to last the fight, potions and materials to craft more, nullberries, come on people this is a monster hunter game, it shouldn't be a brand new concept to actually properly prepare for fights against monsters that are clearly more powerful than you are. If this makes the game bad for you go back to playing Lego star wars, no one's going to miss a salty, brainless hunter
For anyone like me who had truly frustrating expirience. DONT FIGHT THIS AND NEXT MONSTERS IN HIGH RANK ARMOUR. DLC one give 2 times more defense...
Coral Pukei is easy, why is everyone complaining about him? Just get MR armor and weapons and learn his moves
i agree very much with that statement
My god iceborne is the*****test *****ing dlc, first the *****ing bull*****viper kadachi, now this *****ing stupid *** bull*****Kill yourself capcom
Someone needs to git gud.
If you’re on Xbox I can help you and give some pointers to the game as well
I think, judging by your comment, that you are just REALLY bad at this game.
Viper Kadachi is hard without poison resistance, but a breeze with it. Pukei is only hard if you actually have a weakness to water. Are you still on MHW gear? The very basic MR gear is much stronger.
From my experience, using flash pods on him prevents him from using the tail streams. Focus on doing that and traps to sever that tail pronto, crippled for the rest of the fight
*forced hydration
There're 2 laguna shot I and II but no Laguna GLaive I and II