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Doing my first playthrough and I'm not that great at the game (I did need like twenty attempts for the Shadows) but this is one of the few bosses I managed to beat on my first try. I just took my time killing spider after spider and started running (circling Rom) whenever I heard Rom cast the projectiles. I got hit a few times but I guess I was lucky in that I was wearing the Tomb Prospector's Outfit.
Playing with over 50 insight and two npc followers Rom used an attack in the first phase once that I have not seen or read anywhere. A mouth like blob opened after finishing off the smaller spiders in phase 1 to devour one of my allies he dodged it and it disappeared. Anyone else seen this?
I didn’t know gaming masochism until I farmed Depth 5 FRC Rom for Abyssals without save scumming
Just use tonitrus, kill the spiders and enjoy hitting Rom, the Meme Spider till it dies.
AI glitched and was completely passive for the entire fight. Whaling on the boss while it just kinda sat their wasn't the most accomplishing feeling, but it sure was satisfying lol. Didn't have to waste a decade on this fight so I won't complain.
Bolt paper, best blood pellet, charge straight at Rom ignoring all spiders, melee to death. IF Rom happens to teleport, repeat. You can usually deal enough damage to end the fight extremely quickly without dealing with any of the mechanics.
Why the spiderlings headbutting you deals more damage than the magic ice asteroid boulders summoned by a god? We'll never know...