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can i beat this man with telekenesis and 21000 kg chest ? >.>
You can use teleport and similar mobility skills to get around the shrieker, it has a relatively short range.
another solution that worked for my level 12 party: the magisters in the cavern in front of the temple can be de-aggro'd pretty easily if you start the fight by blowing up the wall and detonating the oil barrels that stand between you and them and then run like hell. you can later leash them into the eternal and her ice wolfs. they'll put up a surprisingly good fight, so that your team won't have to tank too much damage.
She can be nether swapped if in a conversation an infinite amount of times before the fight starts, move her away from her inital adds. Charm the two minions that she will spawn on her first turn, about 18 oil barrels will take her to less than half magic armor and then she will be very weak to the standard cc
Very easy fight if you have a water mage. Cast rain + global cooling and you will freeze all of the adds in one go because they only have 27 magic armor. Then Aetara will be alone to do whatever you want with her ;)
Ever tried chain lightning them? they all get one shot.
Cool and relaxing fight . Did the quest at level 13. I dint read anything about her or even that there would be a fight but this wasn't a problem , as soon as the talk started to go downhill I positioned my party and prepared. Hunter/summoner summoned the incarnate behind her , on the other side still behind her was my mage (hydro/aero) and warrior right next to her while the rogue talked. So first turn she summoned 2x doggies next to my mage and chain lightning on hunter (bad position from my part it hit the incarnate and warr as well) , then just stunned them all with rain. Next were the doggies that just killed my mage. Since the party was stunned I moved with rogue and gave her a little tickle with my wee pointy stick. This was great since the next turn she electrocuted my hunter and dogs killed the rogue. Finally ma war could move with 15% health left so it was time to rock. Long story short he survived CC'd for two turned because of the un-killable ability in necro. I had a good look how the doggies moved however and had time to make some tea and stretch a bit. Great fight would die again.
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Tips for the Eternal: Buff up your conversation starter mid convo(magic armor, physical armor, evasion etc(buffs wont count time)). Hide your other members upstairs sneaking.Then use scroll or spell of blinding radiance(just to destroy magic armor of dogs) then use Mind Maggot Grenade to charm all the dogs. Finally teleport the Eternal down to the dogs. Dogs rip her to shreds=win.
122% dodge and she still hits no matter what. Characters at the bottom of the stairs, stealthed, completely out of sight behind the walls on the left and right, and she still knows they're there, flies to them, summons two more eternal dogs on top of them which then get 2 attacks each with 3 sequential attacks killing my tank. Yea, so... it's fun when the game cannot even play by its own mechanics and rules... like not seeing through walls or missing on a 122% dodge chance... Summons should have to obey the same initiative rules as everyone else; not just instantly go next. Speaking of summons, she can maintain (at least) 2 (to a player's one).