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This game's so awesome! Now I feel almost bad for killing Ryker, as my journal reads "Ryker has no intentions on fulfilling the contract on the Godwoken", the guy was nice, but I already gave up the tablet to Almira, so I had to deal with him in another way. Silly me, killing him for no reason. XD
He most certainly had intentions on fulfilling the contract; he lied to you. He tries to kill you even if you hold your end of the bargain.
He most certainly has been ntentions on filling the contract; he lied to you and the journal reflected that.
Hm, the sarcophagus in my game doesn't seem to be open-able, It seems I may have to just kill Ryker and get my 3rd source point from someone else, oh well.
You don't open the sarcophagus for the tablet, it's never loot-able. You open the two energy chests that are floating beside the sarcophagus to get the tablet.
Defeated the eternal easily i started the fight then fled and re-engaged frim behind i took her armor then used restoration twice on her (cause she's an undead) and she died with a couple of her stalkers
For anyone who need a "trick" on how to fight powerfull ranged opponents, without some boring cheesing strats, enweb it and cast smoke cloud under it ( or entangle with torturer ) Rogue + polymorph does it well.
Tips for the Eternal: Buff up your conversation starter mid convo(magic armor, physical armor, evasion etc(buffs wont count time)). Hide your other members upstairs sneaking.Then use scroll or spell of blinding radiance(just to destroy magic armor of dogs) then use Mind Maggot Grenade to charm all the dogs. Finally teleport the Eternal down to the dogs. Dogs rip her to shreds=win.