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Need help with nameless king ps4
If i am in ng+ can people in ng see my sign?
No they cannot
yes they can


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Its solely level dependent, all the NG cycles are connected. It’s how the password matching is able to work
Secondary function for the soapstone: early invasion warning system. If there's an incoming invasion attempt, the soapstone will turn gray like in other cases when it's not available but it happens far before you get the notification that you have been invaded. I'm fairly certain that this happens even when the invasion connection fails for one reason or another which makes keeping an eye on the soapstone sometimes interesting in places like the Aldrich Faithful area. If you see the soapstone turn gray and then pop back unrelated to your location then it probably means an invasion failed. On the other hand, if you're in an invasion queue yourself, the soapstone turning gray may also indicate you're about to try an invasion yourself.
If you like CO-OP to flight bosses, then you can try the following meta level: 1) Level 68-72: Aldrich, Dancer and Sister Friede. Weapon level +8, special weapon +4, don't over upgrade your weapon to max. 2) Level 95-103: Twin Princes, Soul of Cinder, Nameless King, Demon Prince, Midir and Gale 3) Level 103+: Demon Prince, Midir and Gale
There's a very healthy sl80 meta lmao



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Is there a reason why i have to use a dried finger to see a second white sign in an area? It says the max white phantoms possible is 3, but i only seem to be able to get one, then use a dried finger to be able to get a second. Before i summon the first one i can see like 8 other signs on the ground so i know it isnt just a dead area. Anyone else have this issue?
Some areas require dry fingering. Swamp for example.
Just remember, if you end up dry fingering, they probably weren't that interested in you
Requires one with a password for three phantoms


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so if my level is 160 what is the summoner level required? and does purple / red / white have another requirements ? or something
I don’t wanna be white or yellow I want it look like I am the host I wanna know what that ring is called can you guys pls help
its the untrue dark ring sold by Yuria of Londor.
So, I was not connected to WiFi when I defeated the twin princes resulting in me not gaining the achievement. If I defeat the boss when summoned by a white soapstone will I get the achievement then? I know it’s kind of a strange question.
It should’ve just popped later on when you were connected, otherwise you might have to do it on ng+