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Experiencing a Crash when i try to walk in and talk to Rockwell. As soon as the door gets fully unsealed, as in the animation fully ends, the game will crash.
There's a video on YouTube with the fix. When you unseal the door that causes the crash it also opens one on the other end of the room. If you go all the way around and through the other door it won't crash. Just had the issue myself.
The door is bugged. There is a video on YouTube with a fix that shows where to jump over the wall so you can enter from the other door. What I did was use the terminal to unlock the door to his room then run around, jump over the wall, and enter from the other side. Alternatively you can just shoot him from outside the room and once he's aggro you can enter and kill him.


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After taking the first elevator, before transitioning to the Pit, SubLight comes to your aid if you helped them out.
I think you have to have killed the Scientist in the final Sublight mission for this to happen. I spared her and Sublight didn't show up in Tartarus.



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It's very important to know that you can go through Tartarus without firing a single bullet, siding with Phineas or Akande. You need to have PERSUASION 100 inside the Unreliable (so, you can't count on your companion skill help) in order to get a Labyrinth Security Key or a Prisoner Security Key. You will then proceed through the Pit disguised until you face Phineas, Akande or Rockwell (if you killed Akande). Even if you can't convince Phineas or Akande to give up (Rockwell can't be convinced), with Lockpick, Hack and Science 100 you can totally disable R.A.M. and proceed to the final room. Piece of cake, if you have these skills maximized!
Is there no way to switch companions once you start this quest? I knew you couldn't travel off world but I need 13 more intimidate(after gear and potions) for the final skill check with akande and so need to switch companions