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Maybe Aldrich got his done and started The Age of The Great Sea. Everything is collapsing to a one place, until there will be nothing left except one homogenous heap, like water in the sea. That's why there is so much Deep Sorcery in the Dreg Heap.
Spell Parrying Shield be like : *put on sunglasses* THUG LIFE
I am sorry Sister Friede. I didn’t want to ruin the fight but I was so desperate
A guy just helped me with nameless king and he killed the boss in under 30 seconds using this spell. Hella strong
No way, was their name Remus?
Dark Orb Requiem
Vordt of the Boreal Valley has left the chat Old Demon King has left the chat Dancer of the Boreal Valley has left the chat Nameless King has left the chat Soul of Cinder has left the chat
Also works well against Sister Friede phase 1and 3. Yes, she has "bLackflame" in her name in phase 3 and uses dark attacks...but is still weak to dark herself.