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The perfect waifu.
She throws her own***** at you and is thicc. The perfect souls waifu
I Backstabbed her and pushed her off the cliff, rip butcher knife
Um you actually still get it, if you read it correctly above, all you need to do is reload the area and go to where she spawns, the butcher knife will be waiting there.
Reminds me of fiona from shrek
I literally just looked up "road of sacrifices lady" and was surprised this actually came up first.
easiest npc in the game, i killed her at like sl 10-20 with a raw broken straight sword +1/+2
want a medal or something?
no way dude !!
This NPC predicted the game's pvp experience in 2019. Just naked troglodytes throwing their***** and swinging massive axes at each other


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Honestly with a +3 fire bastard sword she died in a moment
The real question is did she "make" her own dung pies, or get the feces by picking up after the corvian?
I got to the cave ready for a fight, she wasn't there. Her butcher's knife was there for me to pick up. Maybe she heard me running above her and she fell? I didn't pay attention to my soul count at the time, so, I'm not sure if that was the case or not. Thanks crazy lady!
Same thing happened to me. I was ready to square off and she didn't show. I'm not complaining, though.