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Dmg output compared to Great Heavy Soul Arrow isn't much different when you consider the FP cost too. Long story short; I dealt 618 with GHSA and 643 on the same enemy when the FP cost of them are 14 and 40 respectively
it works great against groups about against single targets it's just meh
Worthless atm however CSS is awesome
Yes Soul Spear pierces but it's still not worth it most of the time as it is.
I agree, although it could have some benefits if you only have a limited time frame to get the damage off. Definitely not worth using for strict progression, but boss fights might be another story. Unfortunately, the only fight where it would be really useful would be Deacons, off the top of my head, Sulyvahn (when he summons his phantom) and maybe Wolnir? if you can hit two bracelets at once. Comes too late to be useful for NG, but NG+ might be another story. Although at that point you'd have CSS so idk
seems like it has a shorter cast time than GHSA though, worth it when you have plenty of ashen estus and just want that boss dead


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Hopefully they patch this so Soul Spear is actually worth having slotted. I tested it as well and the soul spear did maybe 40 more damage than ghsa.
GHSA is single target though. Can't Soul Spear shishkebab enemy packs?
Just tested this myself, this spell is dog*****...
Yeah it's *****. Makes playing a pure magic sorcerer even more of a pain in the ***.



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Wait till you get CSS before you bother attuning.
I've ended up using this on some bosses... Since it does do more damage than GHSA, it does let me kill a boss faster, and the fight is typically over before I've exhausted my ashen estus supply. In this situation, GHSA is only really better if it's going to be a drawn out fight for some reason, or you want to conserve your focus for other spells as well.

I've also used it in PvE where I know I won't run out of focus before the next bonfire and I just want to have higher damage output against mobs... the spear also does travel faster, so it's a little easier to apply long ranged pressure with. I found that white dragon breath actually does more damage at less focus cost, although that thing can be a bit tricky to hit with.

In any case, I haven't acquired CSS on my sorcerer yet, although I imagine I will be permanently retiring this spell once I have.



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At the very least the windup is faster than GHSP, but I can't justify that cost. If it was, like... 20-25, maybe, but even at 32 this thing is too draining to use for PvE. Maybe in PvP?
My stats are as follows: vgr:25, atn:30, end:14, vit:15, str:14, dex:30, int:50, fth:9 and luck:7. At these stats i'm able to equip the dusk crown ring, have 1046 hp while embered and am able to use soul spear 9 times. It takes about as much fp to cast as great heavy soul arrow does without the dusk crown ring, casts a little bit faster and looks great (i was getting tired of shooting my*****ty looking little arrows) so i literally go around using it like it's my go to spell. I allotted my estus to 8:4 so i have 21 uses of this spell (without using the ashen estus ring for higher ashen estus refill) if i want to use all three bars of fp. Fashion souls is classy AF, now i need to look into soul stream.
Soul stream sucks for pvp and for pve it's ok but it takes alot of fp to cast
In duels Soul Stream isn't great, but during invasions it's a sniper.
Tried this spell in the Dungeons where the horde of HP-stealing Jailers lie in wait. I took down 5 of them with a single spear. This spell is criminally underrated against groups.



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it's only under rated, because as you progress, through the game it's effectiveness on large groups of enemies lessens.
It does slightly more damage from Great Heavy Soul Arrow, so what you're essentially paying for is the increased range and the ability to pierce multiple targets. With the exception of certain boss fights, I always take this guy over Great Heavy Soul Arrow and even Crystal Soul Spear as the damage per FP ratio is better (SS: 78.125 damage/FP; CSS 66.30/FP; GHSA 173.2/FP no piercing, shorter range) and I often find myself needing to drink despite visually having plenty of FP left with CSS as compared to SS. It's also less punishing FP-wise during invasions than CSS since I have significantly less Estus but still want to hit the host and his butt buddy simultaneously, which is arguably one of the most satisfying things about being a sorcerer. Despite the complaints From gets about some design decisions on these forums, you know they did an amazing job nonetheless when I end up appreciating the weird middle-child in sorceries (niches, niches everywhere).
Just wanted to say that this is a great post (though op will probably never read this) and I have repeatedly referred back to it for the damage ratios and sound reasoning. Keep up the great work, all you meta breakers out there. (P.S. would love to know the stagger on this vs the other spells)
It seems its only op on low soul level maybe I'm wrong but I did a low level int build and tried soul spear on the enemys in undead settlement and road of sacrifice and the damage was insane,of course I had to invest all my points into int meaning I would have a small Hp bar but still its op on low level BTW my soul level was 22 and starting class was sorcerer (obviously)
I feel like people would be questioning on how did I even get to profaned capital,well level up health until you reach sl17 progress to undead settlement,do yoel of londors questline and continue leveling up health(You need to commit big oof alot of times to level up Do Not level up from the firekeeper),you should be at sl22 by now (you can respecc later) save up on souls to buy the dark hand from yulia,and progress to profaned capital getting anything that boosts sorceries,kill the court sorcerer for logans scroll and recruit orbeck and buy soulspear
Look at the damage. Spell buff x 2.5. Now look at the damage of GHSA. Spell buff x 2,4something. Now compare their fp costs. Everything said.