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They don't look like werewolves despite being called lycans. However, they have visible claws and large teeth. The first steps towards Bloodborne? Seems like it.
I went to back stab it when it was going for a grab attack on a phantom. It grabbed me with its back and I died
Might not seem relevant, but the lycanthrope right after the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire when you are going to face the Black Knight will sometimes get stuck in the doorway. easy kill.


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anyone else start to feel that he's not supposed to look like a werewolf? These are drinkers of the blood of the wolf (beast blood) however Artorias was a man, as consumption of this continues over time however, we see that men begin to degrade into beasts, after all, we saw just how bad it got in bloodborne...
The definition of lycanthropy in most dictionaries is the depiction of oneself as an animal not physical but mental
I was excited when I saw the "Lycanthrope" link, thought I missed Werewolf enemies. I'm genuinely disappointed From Software, Lycanthropy is being a Werewolf.
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As another user stated: The definition of lycanthropy in most dictionaries is the depiction of oneself as an animal not physical but mental
Lycanthropy is also a mental disorder associated with savage behavior, bloodlust, desires to kill and/or rip into flesh. Other symptoms include hysterical hallucinations in being possessed and/or turning into a wolf.

I wonder if this is where Fromsoft was going.



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I think these guys are the ones who drink the wolf's blood but failed to become Abyss Watchers
Another theory: they’re on crosses because they were being taken to be fed to Aldrich
I just tried to approach one of them from behind that are by the black knight while walking to see if i could backstab them. He noticed me and just sat there looking at me from behind, straight at me and did nothing. I even started moving around normally while he was looking at me from behind, didn't aggro. Got his attention again and this time started sprinting, he didn't do anything for a few seconds but then went aggro. Weird.


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I've had strange interactions with these monsters in particular, especially when it comes to them just looking at me while I'm close to them, their aggro conditions seem buggy.
The one near the second closest to black knight always looks over his shoulder at me
Disregarding the cross, could the ring part of it confirm that the lycanthropes are represented in the ringed city though the statutes. (For those who don't know, some of the statutes in the DLC shows a human, overburdened by a ring.)
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Proof that From would make a good horror game.


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Isn't Bloodborne a horror game?
isn't the irithyll dungeon horrific enough
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Isn't Dark Souls a horror game? Undead and ghosts everywhere XD
Ever hear of bloodborne you prick?