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This fight on NG+ becomes significantly harder due to the phantoms. It is difficult to find a window large enough to deal with the phantoms with the Sinner always closing in on you so rapidly. Fast weapons seem to be ideal for this fight as the phantoms have very low hp (even with champ cov) and you can potentially one-shot them with the right setup. I was power-stancing rapiers, where L1 was capable of one-shotting them providing the spacing was good. Once you get the phantoms down the fight is pretty much in the bag.
How the ***** do you do this fight on NG+ as a caster? The phantoms roll-dodge your spells and you just can't dodge such an aggressive boss *and* the stagger-inducing blinding fire attacks from the phantoms all at the same time. The boss alone is bad enough as a squishy caster. but I have no clue how this is supposed to be possible with the phantoms added.
It's all about speed, try using a quick weapon like a rapier and if you're trying to use only spells for the fight you need fast cast speed and free aim the spells. Also, npc summons are good for taking aggro
You don't have to fight them, I just beat the game on NG+ and didn't kill em.
Which idiot think it is a good idea to stuff two Pyromancers in the arena? “Oh! What about we add two of Pyromancers in the already difficult boss!Yeah ,it will definitely balance it”:)
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I've just beaten her for the first time. So far the most difficult boss for me. Took me 5 tries. Also the first great soul I got. So far, I really like DS2. I've already played 1 and 3 btw so I'm familiar with the games.
One of two bosses (in DS2) where using shield is far more effective than rolling. I killed her with Drangleic Shield + Heide Spear and without single roll (Dex/Faith build)