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Could this be one of the strongest weapons in the game? It's damage may be low, but it can get a whole ton of critical damage.
Ancient Overlord, bought from the resistance shop, has the same crit+ effect and nearly twice the damage with the same range and speed. Fang of the Twins, found to the left just after the desert housing, also has crit+ and does nearly double what Ancient Overlord does but is slower.
For some reason I need different materials to upgrade this to Lvl 2. It requires copper ore, broken key and stretched coil.
I am finding it quite difficult to finesse well enough the numerous jumps to the weapons location. Isn't there an easier way to obtain the Cypress Stick?



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You could try the meter pod program. It carries you pretty far. I dunno if it be easier though.
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Double jump and hold X to float to each pillar and for the large gaps double jump press r1 and X to do the pod dash thing and then glide the rest of the way you should catch yourself on the ledge
Umm, is it just me or is that a Chrono Trigger reference?
It's a dragon quest reference.
I use jump, pod attack and kept holding forward. Should let you land directly on top of the pillar I guess.
You don't even need to dash just double tap X (ps4) then hold on to the pod and it works.. if you dash she wants to roll
never wanted to throw my controoler against the wall harder than whil i was trying to get that stick
This was a bit easier using missile pod program to jump from platform to platform while ignoring the pillars. Use double jump + pod throw + missile + dash + light attack ... the only thing a bit annoy is to get the facing direction right. you can practice this on the ground to get an idea of distance covered.
Thanks for the tips man, i did it in frist try :D