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I know this subforum is super dead, but this is probably the right place to post this. I've been working on updating weapon pages, primarily checking the consistency of upgrade tables with the infocard max damage data and cleaning up everything for consistency and accuracy. I've finally finished going through them all and there were mistakes on probably half of the infocards and some of the max summary tables, but for the most part the individual upgrade path tables were consistent and accurate so I was able to correct or fill in values from those in the majority of cases.

My next step is to look at the shields and make sure their upgrade tables and infocards look good. I know that upgrading a shield on an elemental path to use for bashing damage is REALLY niche and probably nobody cares about it, but I'm just trying to get the data for completeness and accuracy sake so the few that do care get correct information.

Looking at the Upgrades and Parameter Bonus (Shields) table from the Upgrades or Shields pages shows scaling values of:

x2.0 physical damage for Regular +15
x1.55/x1.55 Phys/Fire damage for Fire +10
x1.6/x1.6 Phys/Lightning damage for Lightning +5

These values make sense to me as they are very consistent with how weapons scale, but if you look at individual shield upgrade tables/infocard max values (e.g. Target Shield, Balder Shield, Eagle Shield) the values pretty consistently are listed as scaling equally with the Regular path so you get a x2.0 scaling at max level across the board (the same max values for physical/fire/lightning). I'm trying to figure out if the parameter table is wrong or if the shield values are wrong.

I definitely plan on testing upgrading some shields in game to try and find the correct formulas/values, but I certainly won't be able to test them all for possible anomalies. I know some shields have anomalous scaling in elemental resistances for certain elemental paths as explained on the Shields Explained page, so I wouldn't be overly surprised if the damage scaling had some anomalies as well for certain combinations. I think the best way to fill out all the tables will be to figure out the general rule and apply it to all the pages using the math while only spot-checking a few and leaving it to people finding anomalies and making changes as they are found.

I guess I'm just wondering if anybody else has any insight or ability to test some of these upgrade paths and get some actual values to try and nail down the correct formula? I don't have much titanite in game to put toward elemental upgrades, so I'm going to have to spend some time farming chunks (mostly red) to get this data. Thankfully I'm at the end of the game in the middle of a giant Darkwraith Knight grind for titanite Chunks/Slabs getting all my weapons/shields to +14 and armors to +9, so it will just mean changing to the Kiln for a bit to gather different chunks, but any help with testing some of these shield upgrade paths would be appreciated!