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Ya boi **** horse is alive and well
Ludwig is a first try Friday's type of boss. It’s like doing a crispy tre flip to crook down a 12 stair rail. EZ.
Wait till you get to NG+ and beyond like the rest of us, skrub.
Chikage in blood form with 40 bloodtinge and straight up aggression. He was stumbling and fumbling the whole fight. This fight, it pays to be aggressive.
This is what happens when you don't vaccinate your kids
They become kino?
That thing beside his horse head looks like a circumcized ***** that got its head cut off along with the foreskin. No wonder is spews white*****
Beautiful way with words
So basically, the crack addicted spiderhorse is also a master swordsman
One of the two bosses I could not beat solo, other being Laurence. People say orphan is harder but for me he was manageable; augur probably helped. Still I don’t consider Ludwig unbalanced. That lable goes to the giant shark monsters in the fishing hamlet.
Jump attacks in any soulsborne games are bull*****but this one especially so. Instakill and the dodge window is too small.
All you have to do is watch the blood splatters and run.
BL 83, Hunter Axe+7 and Valtr for back-up put this fight on easy mode and I got him first try. I have a harder time with the Beast Claw Hunter than I did with this boss. Just whale on him with the axe, let Valtr set you up for a few viscerals, and stay the hell outta the AoE for phases 3 & 4. I still have 4 vials and 18 bullets at the end.
Of course it was easy you used a summon
Just killed him for the second time ever. I'm using a Pure Arcane build(I'm only level 80 with 70 ARC and 28 VIT), and used a fire-converted spear-saw and Executioner's Glove. Took a little getting the hang of his attack patterns, but it wasn't as hard as I had recalled. My character is much squishier this time too.