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Is the armor relatively lighter compared to other armor sets?
Yes, its comparable to the pontiff knight set I believe
where in the dark souls world do you get this armor. Plz tell I beg of you
The outrider in the arquives. video location in the wiki.
Grand Archives, behind an illusory wall on one of the upper walkways. The Outrider Knight is hiding in that room.
this looks like berserker armor but with different style and color
What is From's obsession with vaginal slits for masks... Artorias, the dancer, this...
Its Rorschach's helmet. You see what you want to. I on the other hand see a fantasy piece of armor
I have imagination and upon looking at Iron Dragonslayer headpiece I see duck in the hat or muskeeter. However I never saw vaigina in any of armours you saw. I think you are the one with vaginal obsession.
Hey , at least he's not seeing *****s that would make him***** ...drumroll.
how do you gt it does it drop it or somthing i got the sword but not the armor
It drops from the last night in the grand archives
I use the whole set but with the dancers crown whilst two handing Guts’ Greatsword and I am smitten