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Fleshbite Ring +1 can be found on a seperate rooftop after the second Pus of Man!
Where?? in the area and glad you said something
"a Gargoyle escort". they're not gargoyles. they're imps, like the enemies from dark souls 1
who cares
Add that you can get a Winged Knight Halberd.
It is possible to loot a winged knight halberd from the single enemy patrolling the fountain area.
YouTube Josoveys
It would have been so cool if the original DS3 ideas were more prominent in the game. I would have loved to learn more about Pus of Man, hollows turning into trees, and Winged Knights. There should have been more about Lothric, Sullivan, and Yhorm, but sadly the game drowned in DS1 throwbacks
The NPC summon Lion Heart Albert can also be summoned at the top of the stairs that lead into the area with the Lothric Knights before the Vordt fight.