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0/10 can't kill people with a dark dark sword
Doesn't drop from lothric dark wraith
Nah you're just not lucky.
It does just better be ready for a long grind
That WA and right trigger are pretty hot
If you wanna be the darkwraith number one, you have to chase the host of gonkers on the run...
Can someone explain why Broadsword > Dark Sword? I remember back in 2016 it got nerfed but I really wanna use Dark Sword since I'm tired of Broad
Broadsword has less range (wich isn t even noticed considering straight sword class have crazy phantom range) but more damage.
May someone explain how sharp has a c in dex scaling, yet refined has a b? This is kinda bruh moment
Wut r u, casul?
Because you're comparing a Refined Dark Sword +10 to a Sharp Dark Sword "+0" With the Sharp infusion, the Dark Sword +10 has an A on Dex scaling
nope, OP is correct, just looking at the tables standard +10 has D scaling, sharp +10 has C scaling, and refined +10 has B scaling although, it's possible that the Fextra tables are incorrect, and the sharp dark soul actually does have A dex scaling, but in that scenario it's not OP's fault for getting it wrong, it's Fextra's
Darkest Sword
LMAO, shiiity sword for edgy emo kids who love to non-stop spamming R1 even though you noob *** casuls got owned all the time by parry.
Uh oh, looks like someones cranky. I think its nap time for ya buddy.
git gud