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poofy legged armor.love it
if Goku and a Monkey had a baby.
Rajang is the original 'Super Saiyan' the Vegeta told us about
I captured Rajang but I cannot find his special arena quest, where would it be?
If you're using melee weapons, this monster is bull*****to fight. There are almost no openings, his attacks do way too much damage, his arms can become resistant to purple sharpness, and he can grab you off him when you clutch claw. MHW was my first Monster Hunter game, so I had never faced Rajang before, but this thing is so rage inducing that I can't physically understand why anyone would find it fun.
MHW is my first MH game as well. I just finished solo hammering him to death. I carted twice and used a ton of healing items. I didn't look up his weaknesses before the fight so did it with a fire weapon.it took me a good twenty minutes to learn his move pool, but after that, it was all about little sting attacks then running. I mounted him three times and broke everything on him. Hard? Yes. Fun? Yes. Want help killing him with SOS? You won't. Random kids cart all the time.
Bro, Rajang has been above Elder dragons from MH2 to date, he's probably the most hated enemy of many hunters, but he has a very clean moveset that once you learn and master you can solo him with no potions. Blunt weapons to the head and hit-run tactics are great. Cut to the tail, avoid the arms at all costs, staying on his side is almost as deadly as staying in front of him. Vit jewel for that extra HP so you don't get OH ko with most attacks can help, he has always had superb flinch resistance, so kamikaze crit builds might get you killed as he doesn't reel back much. Also, no shame in running when he goes super saiyan mode :D
Adapt. Just watch a speedrun video and try to imitate the playstyle. Just one of those cases where mindlessly hitting the monster wont work out.
Any suggestions for LS users?


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Take advantage of foresight slash and of course the flinch shot. Rocksteady mantle+ and divine protection will go a long way
Remember to flinch your teammates when you attack the head
But it's true, you absolute mongrel.
He is mighty difficult for some, and even match for others, yet to those having trouble. Don't give up! Y'all got this, regardless of your chosen weapon. YOU WILL PULL THROUGH AND SUCCEED!!! NOW GO OUT THERE AND HUNT THAT BLOODY BASTARD BEAST APE DOWN!!!!!!! CHAAAAAAARRRRGGGE!!!!!
akiramendayou! *dont lose your way intensifies*
The turf wars for this guy are so cool. Especially the deviljho and the yian garuga
I wanna see Rajang fight Behemoth.
I too want to see behemoth get his *** handed to him
My recommendation for LS users is you need to use ice weapons since this will drain its health much faster. Also if you hit its tail enough you can flinch it out of its “rampage” mode. It will hit harder and it will be easier for your attacks to deflect off its arms.
suboptimal advice