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noticed poly skills scale with your weapons scale
They actually scales with the player's STR in DE.
i really expected the polymorph spells to be more about you transforming into various beast or giving yourself various attacks, this isn't what i had in mind really.
it would be OP to have a mage who can become a raging demon bull (so switch squishy mage char to a tanky melee char) when he is cornered ^w^
Right? Got really desapointed with the lack of transformations...
It's almost like people who create things aren't beholden to your expectations. How frustrating that must be for you.
I have to admit, polymorph has the strongest and best skills ever, especially APOTHEOSIS! #WereAtGodhood
There is gonna be a new polymorph skill called metronome, and it gives you a random skill from any skill set, 10% chance for each, and the cool thing about it is that there is a 70% chance normal skill (not source consuming), 15% chance 1 source skill (such as Summon Fire Slug), 10% chance 2 source skill (such as forced exchange or closed circuit), and a 5% chance of a 3 source skill (such as thunderstorm or apotheosis), and you have no requirements for a skill, such as if you have only 3 polymorph, and you got laser ray or something, of course, the damage will still scale with it, but it does not require 2 pyrokinetic. It will, though, scale with polymorph. It also does not cost a source point.
Inb4 Larian gets sued by Gamefreak for using the name Metronome for a move based on random effects and wins
apotheosis is the best skil
polymorph does not stack with lone wolf unlike other skills, you have to invest all points into polymorph instead of just half
But there is really no point in going past level 5 polymorph so six of one half a dozen of the other, really.


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To be honest it would be OP as hell if Lone Wolf would double up the points on this too