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Pestilent mist is pretty much the only viable sorcery you can use on midir, makes fighting him as an INT build primarily dealing magic damage pretty underwhelming. You either cheese or the fight goes on forever.
You know, I wouldn't even care about his HP if he didn't resist any damage by near half if its not the head. And after you get used to it where you can win around 2nd try, its just annoying really. I eventually just gave up on fighting him fairly as it wasn't even fun and I had done it plenty before, and brought in the "Spice Bois". Me and 3 other friends who Pestilent Mist him and Chaos Dagger reposte each time he goes down. Then the fight was actually kinda fun, mostly cuz we just found it hilarious! XD
I honestly dont get the hate for this guy. When you dont learn how to time your dogdes and you constantly try to attack anywhere that isnt his head, his weak point and easiest part of him to hit I should mention, yeah, you're gonna have a bad time. Fighting him is no different to any other boss. Use a weapon you're comfortable with, and hit his head. It's that simple. If you've got a quality build, sellsword blades work beautifully, but any melee weapon you like will do. As for avoiding his attacks, his forward facing moves are all much easier to track and avoid than any of his back attacks, tail swipes, or his standing fire blast, which is designed to hit under and behind him. That's a move I see so many people try to avoid by running around or under him, when it's designed to hit people that do exactly that. This is a boss designed to beat those who have fallen into Complacent Gaming Syndrome. Stop fighting him as if he's supposed to have some easy exploit when he clearly doesnt have one.
Thank god someone has some sense
It's because people suck *** and can't fathom something killing them and learning from failure.
In one sentence u say lighning in the other sind physikalisch Then hit tail then Hits head BULL*****GUIDE!
Whats the whole "This is the hardest boss in the souls series" bull*****i find Manus more hard to kill idk
Manus is the hardest? Are you kidding me,Manus is joke If you have greatshield of Artorias or even +15 eagle shield(If your strength is low) If you try the block this boss you will be smashed.
Manus has a npc summon and the silver pendent neutralizes his dark magic plus his attacks are way easier to doge for me personally
Tolomeo no sprinted, no rolled this boss. A lot of opinions changed months after this DLC's release. It's no longer one of the most difficult.
Upvote if you blocked midir s dark beam with fume ultra gs s stomp. Comment if you died after that, like i did :)
And you got one downvoted xD I'm about to face Midir for the first time ever so hell yeah I'm scared!
by far the worst boss i have yet to fight in this game. The camera goes nuts most of the time, meaning locking on does more harm than good. The hitbox of his melee attacks is hard to estimate. His charge has a super tiny indicator and most of the time hes flailing about, making it impossible to even get close. And dont get me started on the health pool. Gael was super hard, but felt fair. This is just bad design + RNG
every boss that i’m too garbage to beat is bad design
Have you fought against the camera of the Nameless King?
The tail/head melee strategy is absolutely terrible. Why is it listed first? You can't see what he's doing and rely heavily on RNG. Trash.
Casuals hate this boss
He is hard but not were near as hard as people think