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Does anyone know if the WA True Combos with anything? I don't know if its my connection but Sometimes R2 Into Full WA is a true combo sometimes its only the first part of the WA and occasionally the Full WA doesnt even combo
It depends on your distance from the target. If you catch them at the edge of your "arc", you're more likely to combo vs if you caught them point blank.
lol all ya'll living in the past
Lapp armor, PKCS + regen + cross bow = typical scrub who will lose any 1 vs 1 unless he has the ultimate zero skill set up to win. You main PKCS and feel offended ? I do not give a damn. You are worthless and bad as **** who has to abuse every cheap***** to try to win a fight. The worst part is most of them manage to die someone against non meta set-ups, if you are at this point jump off a cliff. Blocked over 45 player and it will be more, winning and blocking those*****s
If you're blocking, you're not winning lmao
Imagine counting the players you blocked lol
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LOL, this sword is for gey... a trash casul gey to be accurate.
These stupid comments exist on almost every weapon page. You basically can't use anything in Dark Souls without someone crying about it, like the person above. Just STFU and deal with it
I break this bad boy out anytime an invader decides to use estus in a 1v1
Hello and welcome to the PKCS salt mine
A really good offhand tool, just like the rapier it has its normal R1 on a L1 and a parry on an L2. This Difference being that while Rapier has a normal speed parry and thrust attack that is much harder to dodge(in my opinion) the PKCS has a faster parry and easier to read attack but also has longer range in the offhand. This is great with Medium weapons like Claymores or even other faster weapons Like Daggers! Overall a great weapon and key in anyone's arsenal
I don't do pvp and don't like just slashing sword, and as a sucker for what works in real world I don't like spinning techniques and I don't double wield. So as an amature on this sword, what is the buzz about? High speed for the reach?
It was one of the 2 Curved Swords not hit with a Speed Nerf, Plus it has the Highest Range on any Curved Sword(or it is at least one of the longer ones) And Curved swords are able to wreck most other weapon classes if used properly. The WA is nothing special but is good as a quick "I gotcha!" move to roll catch for finish a fight
LOL someone could be rich, This comment section is an untapped salt mine!