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I have a problem, the quest seems to have vanished recently. I gave up on it for a bit but wanted to give it a go again last night and it Geralt has vanished. I'm currently dealing with the Blizzard Blitz MR quest. Does Geralt's disappearance from the Research Center correlate to the Handler swap for these missions? Anyone else deal with this yet?
I finally did it! I saved pukei! I'll share what worked for me: learn how to use SnS, since this guy is weak to dragon. stick to his rear and try to make him melee as much as possible because it's easy to dodge. keep igni on cooldown for his first two phases. if he raises with his hands, i'll block. save igni for the jargas that attack pukei. save flash for jargas. collect lots of extra godbugs + blue mushrooms in that vine bridge area close to the wyvern nest. good luck and keep trying!
I have completed this quest. It's in my special assignments labeled as completed. Is this permenant? So I can farm the mats for the Witcher sword?
What an absolute garbage quest. Literally only time I've ever failed due to time. And adds are not what monster hunter is about. Literally about to go murder some jagras in an expedition just to get the salt out. Make those pieces of***** extinct.
I didn't knew you could get help from a Pukei Pukei, It would have made the final phase way easier but I got it first try anyways. The last phase was extremely annoying.
Most annoying garbage fight tbh