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Why can't I summon him for the Ornstein boss battle? He's just sitting at that bonfire
git gud
Try humanity
Same, also seems to be a bi icon due to his nature of saying the,”If I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve thought you’d have feeling towards me” to both male and female characters
hmm good feels
Praise the Sun!
The worst character in ds Ranking : last
No u ******
He gone mad in my run. So he wears the sunlight Maggot but at the same time that he was there and attacked me... I killed a chaos buf and obtained the sunlight maggot. Thats a bug right?
Same thing happened to me
Reeeeeeeeeeeee the sun!


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Patches the only Dark Souls bro. Solaire should be killed immediately, he's garbage
I don’t care if this is a troll or bait you deserve to have a glowing maggot put on you’re head
Do you even PRIASE THE SUN?
Bad opinion 0/10
attacked him by accident and hen i ran to the dragon and got killed easily
I killed the demon with him, had seen him at all prior locations, I didn't talk to him at the bonfire past the demon, I didn't even light the bonfire or travel past that point of no return. I just walked over to see if he was there from a distance. He was not. So I didn't even go near the bonfire, instead took the shortcut to L.I. and he was right beyond the door there, hostile as ever, had to put him down and he didn't drop the maggot head piece. That sucks.