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^ Pro's Awesome Look ( Matches Fire Witch Set Well ;D ) Longer than most strait swords. Weapon art is a ranged, strait shooting projectile that deals physical damage and bonus damage for landing the sword thrust and the projectile together. Can used right after the shield breaker weapon art to catch opponents off guard and at significant range. Decent weapon for Dex/Faith Builds. - Cons Low Damage Output compared to other strait swords. Can't be buffed. Weapon art stance is more easily readable as your sword glows every time you use it even before you attack. ( ^ might be a good or bad thing depending on the person) Can only be obtained late game.
Lothric railgun FTW
doesn't it look exactly like blue blood sword drom Demon Souls but has no secret luck OP scaling in the same time?
So the HOLY sword gets an E scaling in faith :/
Prince lothric didn’t believe in***** lol
Prince Lothric wasn't much of a believer. This sword we get is only a copy based on Lothric's soul, so it makes sense for the Faith scaling to be so low.
Yes but E equals almost no scaling…
E, *****ing E.
Ye of little faith
The WA is op
This sword is for PvP mostly many wpns are better as of PvE such as gotthard twinsword and lothric knight sword. The build that suits this wpn is a dex/att build meaning builds which genuinely take advantage of superior WA. Of you want a quality build go pick up one of the other 2 wpns i mentioned it should perform way better for you.
Stupid fuking sword with fuking annoying range attack for trash scrubs that are afraid of getting close and personal. Gey *** shiity casuls without any ball and their tendency of spamming R1 sure love this fuking annoying piece of garbage cuz they're cowards!
good to see ur still at it and making an absolute fool out of yourself.



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so you are telling us that basically every player you meet in pvp open up your ***.
Who else wishes we got the cut Lothric's Scythe instead of this thing?
with 12/40/40 292 AR while Sunlight Straight Sword has 381 and sharp Lothric Knight Sword has 394 ...
it´s 292 at +4 and 328 at +5